Gummy Brain…Disgustingly Sweet

Low on grey cells? Time you got some gumption or yourself and the best way to do that is with ‘Gummy Brain’. It’s kinda disgusting if you ask me but it will taste good with your eyes shut. The pack includes two brain parts i.e. top and bottom and a small vial of cherry flavored liquid candy which appears just like blood. Oh did I forget to mention the flavors? The brain tastes like strawberries and blood like cherry. Makes for a great Halloween snack eh? Why else would you choose something as gross as the Gummy Brains?

You can get some Gummy Brain for yourself at a meager price of $9.99 only. Gummy brains may taste like strawberries but it’s gonna take a lot more than just love for strawberries and cherries to put this grossness into your mouth.

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