Haunted Beauty Vampire Barbie Doll will keep you up at nights


The Barbie Doll we all grew up with was cute and beautiful, and the best friend you could ask for. What she definitely wasn’t was dark, evil and cruel. And yet, one look at the Haunted Beauty Vampire Barbie Doll, and I’m running for cover. Dressed in a red charmeuse and black chiffon gown, this evil beauty is coming for your blood. The gorgeous gown features elaborate jeweled accents at the neck highlighted by red and gold trim on the empire waist. Complementing the gown is a gothic-inspired red shantung coat with a face-framing collar and full sleeves. Perfecting the look is the dramatic styling, complete with raven hair, pale skin, crimson lips and delicate white “fangs”. Included with the doll are her shoes, ring and even a doll stand.

The Haunted Beauty Vampire Barbie Doll is already sold out on the official Barbie Collector website. However, they can be found on eBay and Amazon at slightly elevated prices. We suggest that you shop around for a bit for the best deals, and bring home this limited edition beauty before they are all gone.

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