Hello Kitty Dentures are bizarre

I love Hello Kitty and love seeing her stamp on most things. However to see Hello Kitty Dentures took me aback at first. It just seems bizarre to have her stuck to your gums like that. On second thought though wearing dentures can be made slightly more tolerable if they are made cuter with our favorite feline friend! Hello Kitty is really making her name on all front, dental included. Soon, we won’t find anything without her plastered on it. The thought of Hello Kitty smothered in saliva and other gunk that comes with the dentures is disgusting though!


  1. That hello kitty printed on the dentures are so cute! But I think it’s not much of a use because it’s hidden anyway. 

  2. Cosmetic dentistry is best way that people can do to attend a gorgeous smile

  3. This so adorable. I hope my dentist can provide this
    design on my dentures.

  4. Hello Kitty dentures doesn’t make any sense, who would see the design? Kids don’t wear dentures. Cute design though.