Hello Kitty golden brown baked Kitty is delicious


If you like, Kitty with a crunch, then you must’ve really loved the Hello Kitty Pocket Pies posted a few months back, which were so adorable. Now, there’s a yummier version of Hello Kitty available in the form of a kongari-yaki or “golden brown baked kitty” at the Sanrio souvenir shop “Hello Kitty Japan” in the newly opened shopping and entertainment facility Diver City Tokyo Plaza. These cute kitties are baked whole and fresh every day in the shop, ready to cater to the tongue-temptations of customers.

Each of the Golden Brown Baked Kitty boxes has about 20 cute little Kitties lying inside, waiting to be gorged on. These sumptuous smelling kitties open into a soft and delicious filling of delicious chocolate cream or cream cheese, when you bite into them. Tempted already? Head to Japan.

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