Hello Kitty Knife Set is Brutal


Hello Kitty haters; who by now can’t stand seeing her everywhere in products of every kind, size and shape here is a product for you. Raffaele Iannello re-structured the cute figure with his own sarcastic and desecrating style. He has combined his inspiration of his famous Voodoo/The Ex knife set with Hello Kitty. He has portrayed the famous cat in the exact instant, in which her lifeless body falls backwards, after being stabbed with five kitchen knives. The knives are in inox steel, while the base is in ABS plastic, foreseen in silver version with a red bow or in white version with a pink bow.

The Hello Kitty Knife Set was exhibited during the 2012 Milan Design Week. For now, he is negotiating with Sanrio to bring this product in the market one day. Would you, invest in this cruel product?

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  1. Crystal Moore

    what do you mean that this is for “hello kitty haters”? i ADORE hello kitty and i want this SOOOOO BAD!!! i would imagine that if someone hated hello kitty then they wouldn’t want something like this in their kitchen. der.

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