Hello Kitty is now Empress Of The Underworld


Hello Kitty’s wicked side has surfaced and how! Its time all you crazy fans raving about her cuteness and her cuteness (has no second attribute to mention, sorry guys) took a look at her hush-hush evil avatar. Kidrobot, Hello Kitty and San Francisco artist Frank Kozik all collaborated on an “Empress Of The Underworld” Hello Kitty to reveal how even the cutest among us have an evil side. I gotta confess I prefer the Empress Of The Underworld Hello Kitty to the regular, present everywhere and on everything, pink, silly-looking Hello Kitty. This Kitty however looks more believable and features horns, fangs cloven feet.

Her wickedness is enhanced by the existence of a pitchfork and a spider. Empress Of The Underworld will be available on December 2nd at Kidrobot and select retailers for something like $50.

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