Hello Kitty Laptop


Calling all you cat fans. If you are the one are who adores Hello Kitty and just can’t get enough of her, well there a new launch to hook you further. Cast away the Kitty letter pads and pens that you collected and dig this new Hello Kitty Laptop a Epson Endeavour NA101 powered by an ultra low voltage Celeron M 42 (1.06 Ghs) processor with 512 MB of RAM. It has a 12.1 inch display (1024 X 768), DVD-Rom/ CD-RW drive 40GB hard drive and runs on Windows XP Home Edition. It has 3 x USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet, IEEE 1394 for connecting your digicam and a fingerprint sensor to make sure your secrets remain safe. The Lithium Ion battery lasts for 5 hours. Though it is not a power house, it works good for those who want to use it for college life. The screensavers and wallpapers are exclusive along with exclusive mouse pointers.

The unit measures 281×237×35mm and weighs 1.27 kg and there is also an optional Hello Kitty carrying bag available. Dough Quotient is about $ 1355. Enough of the technicalities just get it if you dig cute stuff.

Design 1
Design 2

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