Hello Kitty turns Darth Vader pink

I never thought there would come a day when Star Wars and Hello Kitty combine forces. They are just two separate worlds and don’t quite mix. However, my ultimate dream is true with the Sith Lord dressed up in pink Hello Kitty attire. Darth Vader has gone over to the cute side from the dark side with the new and improved costume. It is all cute in baby pink and features Hello Kitty. I don’t know how die hard Star Wars fan would react to this, some might call it blasphemous. All I can say is, Hello Kitty has turned the dark force pink! That’s the kind of power the little one possesses that even the Dark Lord had to succumb! I do think this dude needs to be careful, because he is going to feel the wrath of all the wannabe Jedi’s and their light sabers for dressing in pink.