Inflatable Sumo Wrestler, Coach and Chef Costumes fatten you up

Have a costume party coming up? There are some perfect costumes for you then if you have no problem is getting inflated. An inflatable costume is one of the most useless and least practical items around, but somehow these very qualities make them work. It’s absolutely quirky, fun and a complete show stealer. You have the option of choosing from three different models. The coach resembles the typical gym freak who wears blue sweat pants and a black belt with a huge belly-button bursting out of his too-short T-shirt. Such a stereotype, but true. Then you have the chef clad in black trousers and a white ruffled shirt, along with a chef’s hat and scarf. This one is so-so. The best costume happens to be the mammoth sumo wrestler who is wearing skin showing clothes which is called Mawashi. This includes a little hat that imitates the typical sumo wrestler hairstyle. So get ready to fatten up! You can get your costume here for $55.