Injury Supports go Fashionable

Adventure sports and living life on the risky side can often leave us in pain or in the company of an ugly cast support, or stumbling around on dull-looking crutches. Tokyo CultuArt by Beams helps to brighten up this dull aspect of life especially for people who are attached to these dull appendages for a longer time frame. This exhibition helps transform medical treatment and limb supports into artwork and fashionable products. This gives the users to pick a product that appeals to them after all its something they depend on day in and day out and hence there shouldn’t be room for any more depressing colors.

The exhibition ran from February 1st to 20th, 2013 and showcased works by artists which combined leg supports, arm braces and crutches to create inspiring sculptures, photographs and designs. The crutches sold for 8000 Yen (US$86) each. Quite similar to Exos Arm braces


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