Invaso Self-Watering Sponge Pot for Forgetful Planters

Plant lovers rejoice! As, now your plants will not suffer in your absence even in summer. Now you can plant your little green babies in an InVaso. A self-watering sponge vase created by industrial designer Stefano Claudio Bison, this pot is made from the same kind of porous sponge that we use to clean our homes. The InVaso doesn’t just contain your favorite plant, but also holds water that the plant needs to survive. Thus, these sponge pots absorb and hold onto as much moisture as possible every time they are watered. So, even if you are not at home to water your plants, they will not get affected by heat. While you can put your plant in an attractive looking Hello Kitty Chia Pet, or Sprout Bookmark, the new InVaso self-watering sponge is an ideal way to keep your plants alive.

InVaso self-watering sponge by by industrial designer Stefano Claudio Bison is not only practical but also impressive looking. Contact Stefano Claudio Bison for more details.

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[Via – Gizmodo]