iPad Lunch Case looks tasty

Thinking of getting a quirky iPad case? What better than the iPad Lunch Case. It is a great way of being around yummy food without putting on any unwanted calories. The case features some tasted treats that are stitched on. Side dishes include salmon, fried, croquettes, fried eggs, sausage, ham and eggs, Potesara orange. They is also some sushi for those wanting something exotic and oriental. They’ve even managed to add pickles to this eclectic food mix! Not only does it look good, but it is also designed to protect your iPad with great padding. The polka dots lining on the inside is cute. You can get it here for $127.


  1. Cheryl says:

    Funny :D because i really thought that is a real cake. Very unique creation!

  2. 1016761554 says:!c2h1aWppbjAwMjRAaG90bWFpbC5jb20=