Is Tasteless alcohol water canned as AIR your new soda?

Although alcohol has been around for quite a few centuries, many folks around the globe have been unable to develop a taste for it, in spite of ‘repeated trials’. In spite of that, the urge to get drunk has not left the abstainers. Mckenzie River Corporation has created a drink for folks like you who dislike the taste of alcohol but still want a shot at it. The drink called ‘Air’ (Alcohol inspired Refresher) is a carbonated alcoholic drink that is virtually tasteless, colorless and odorless. So when you’re drinking it down, nobody’s going to get to know that you’ve already gone a bit tipsy. Great, huh!

AIR is a malt-based mixture that contains 4% alcohol. It comes in berry and citrus flavors. The hipster drink is soon going to be available at grocery stores in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle at the price of $7 for a can of 4 and $2 for a single can.

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