Karl Lagerfeld crafts $315 doll for Carla Bruni-Foundation!


Your benevolence is about to be put to test. German designer Karl Lagerfeld recognized for his creative styles has made a princess doll and matching child’s dress to support the Carla Bruni-Foundation. When such hi-profile celebrities are involved there are no points for guessing that this doll doesn’t come at dollar shop prices. The doll will be sold in Paris’s high-end toy store Au Nain Bleu for $315 beginning next year. The matching silk, tulle and lace dress for a little, life-sized princess, has already hit the racks, costing a whopping $1,169.

The Carla-Bruni foundations endeavor is to fight social inequality. Part of the doll’s and dress’s earnings will be offered to Bruni’s cause. What about the remaining huh?


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