Kohler’s Moxie Showerhead plays music while pumping water


Listening to music in the shower isn’t really a new concept. While shower speakers like this Ontama Speaker or the Sony Walkman Dock Waterproof Speakers have managed to make listening to music in the bathroom a matter of convenience, Kohler’s latest offering takes it to a whole new level. Not only can you place your speaker somewhere inside the shower room, Kohler’s “Moxie” Shower Head actually doubles as the speaker! That’s right, this shower head is capable of pumping out music and water at the same time! It works by connecting to your music device via Bluetooth. It works anywhere up to a distance of 32 feet, and can play up to seven hours of music, news podcasts, and anything else you may want. The speaker is basically a capsule shaped object that can be attached to the main showerhead by a magnetic strip. Just because it is a speaker, you don’t have to worry about water pressure. The showerhead features 60 angled nozzles that deliver a fulfilling spray. The detachable speaker can also be used anywhere else you would want to.

The “Moxie” Shower Head from Kohler is available in a water-saving 2.0 gpm or a 2.5 gpm version. It is made from durable silicone, which also makes it easier to keep clean. Kohler is yet to announce the pricing and availability of this exciting new accessory.

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[Kohler Via Mashable]

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