Larger-than-life Cosplay Business Cards

Cosplay Business Cards? That’s new for the other half of the world, not so much in Japan where cosplayers exchange business cards promoting their fantasy persona or a character from an alternative reality. What goes against this otherwise creative and crazy card idea is cosplayers won’t just have one costume that they don so to make their potential clear they need to print a lot of cards and give rise to confusion. Cosplay business card service called Proof, helps solve this predicament by offering customers the chance to order multiple sets of business cards for each character at a low cost (100 cards at 2,625 Yen- US$26). These cards pose as trading cards rather than the actual business card. In order to make a good impression with these Cosplay Business Cards, people are going the whole hog to take their cosplay glamour shots.

At C-Studio, the rent props for free in studios that have themed-décor like Gothic, Luxury Bar, ‘Cute-room’, Sci Fi etc. Fans are leaving no stone unturned to make the most of the fantasy lifestyles, putting themselves out in the real world as bigger and larger-than-life personalities.

cosplay-business-cards-2 cosplay-business-cards-3 cosplay-business-cards-4 cosplay-business-cards-5

[Via – Shifteast]