Lego Friends is an exclusively designed set for girls

There is a general perception that girls and Lego’s don’t go well because Lego is linear, masculine and ‘not that fun’ for girls. Well, it turns out that the perception could actually be true. We realized this when Lego sent its team to do some ground research work on some girls in 2007, in which they found that girls like to build, but with some ‘stops on the way’ and some storytelling. Considering all the points that the ladies love, Lego has decided to release the Lego Friends set which will only target girls. It is inclusive of 29 mini-doll lady figures, about 5 millimeters taller and curvier than the standard dwarf minifig.

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It will also include 5 main characters which will be sold with names and backstories. The Lego Friends set is all ready to be released at the beginning of January 2012 in the US. Being a girl, I definitely am the most qualified person to talk about this, so my mental verdict tells me that it will sell like hot cake.


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