This LEGO “Frozen” Ice Palace brings the fairytale to life!

Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad. And, an awesome dad has made his daughter’s dream come true by creating a Lego version of Elsa’s Ice Palace from the Disney film Frozen. It’s a beautiful rendition of the palace that user Fohzen made when his daughter asked if there was one and he realized it didn’t exist. While, most dad’s would create something like a Millennium falcon, this awesome dad made a girly Lego structure to impress his princess. The way the build came together was through loads of research as most of the pieces aren’t readily available for purchase. Many of the pieces came through exhaustive hunting through older sets. Not only did he make a fantastic and very icy-looking palace, but he’s got minifigs too. There’s Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and the Snow Monster. Now, that’s cool dad, isn’t he?

It’s up on Lego Cuusoo, which means if it gets 10,000 votes then it will go before Lego to be considered as an official set. I’ve already voted for this awesome piece, will you? Head on over to LEGO Cuusoo to cast your vote!

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lego-frozen-ice-palace-1 lego-frozen-ice-palace-2 lego-frozen-ice-palace-3 lego-frozen-ice-palace-4

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