Lego Ultimate Collector R2-D2 Series will be propped up on your desks soon

There is a Lego version for all the mundane jobs such as a Lego Notebook, Lego Cars and a Lego Christmas tree. It was time; we saw a more substantial Lego accessory. Finally, we got to know that there is a new R2-D2 version of the popular Lego set coming up. Wait for the homecoming of the Lego Ultimate Collector Series R2-D2, which is a kit you could assemble into the robot, right out of the box. This is much more convenient than having to conceive your own plans of tediously, finding the right pieces to build the droid.

The Lego Ultimate Collector R2-D2 Series kit packs in over 2,100 pieces of Lego, and features a rotating head as well as a retractable third leg. The set goes on sale in May for $250. You could make all your friends jealous with these delicious pieces of Lego meat!

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[Via UberGizmo]

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