Leo GPS watch: Locate your child with a click!


Kids are always curious and they love to explore. In crowded areas like malls it’s difficult to hold your child back. To tackle such panicky situation, Guardian Lion Wireless have launched a GPS tracking watch which can help you to find your wayward child or older relative with dementia. The Leo GPS wrist watch a phone, GPS locator, and 911 panic button, besides telling you the correct time. It comes with an optional locking mechanism. The titanium strap can be locked. It has a tamper alert, so you’ll know if anyone tries to take the watch off.

Leo GPS watch aims to help reduce the 800,000 annual cases of missing kids and protect them from predators. he Leo will be targeted at children aged 6 to 12, outdoors enthusiasts, people with autism spectrum disorder or Alzheimer’s, and seniors who are under care. This watch will be launched in April 2013. It’s priced at $149 presale, and $249.95 at launch. For more information click here.


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