Life-size Bridal gown wedding cake is delectably beautiful

While we were still ogling over the magnificent Magical Steampunk Wedding Cake, we were bestowed over by this fantastic dream cake. Baker Donna Millington-Day of the Fairytale Cake Company created a 6-foot-tall confection stacked with 17 layers of sponge cake, in shape of a life size-wedding gown. Well, honestly if any bride wants to be whacky, she would prefer something like a LED Wedding Gown, Wedding dress made out of toilet paper or record breaking mile-long bridal train. Since, it is difficult to eat a creation, which is as beautiful as this!

The edible bridal gown is made from 22 kilograms of sugar paste icing, one kilogram of royal icing and hundreds of sugar pearls. She used a whopping 224 free-range eggs, 28lb of flour, 28lb of caster sugar and 28lb of butter, and spent a whole week cooking. It is filled with 17lb of Madagascan vanilla butter cream and around 7lb of raspberry jam. It would cater for over 2,000 wedding guests.

The inspiration behind this magical cake is bakers’ 6 year old daughter Dona, who came up with the idea for a life-sized, edible bridal gown when she saw a picture of her mother’s wedding dress. . Featured at the National Wedding Show in Birmingham, U.K., the cake is sells for a whopping $9,000.