Lord of the Cakes… Minas Tirith Wedding Cake


Look what we have here…a Lord of the Rings Minas Tirith Wedding Cake. Remember Minas Tirith? The capital of Gondor in the Third Age and the Fourth Age of Middle-earth or should I say the celestial white palace where all the handsome men rode on their horses and fought the evil counterparts? Yes, the beauty has now been translated into something edible, and as special as a wedding cake. Why didn’t someone think of this before, its white and its big and it’s very pretty too.

The Minas Tirith wedding cake is lovingly baked by Audrey Konyha Vigh for the couple’s special day. I would’ve got this for my friends wedding if only they added little hobbits to it too. Anyhow, it’s praiseworthy and steals the show from our current favorite Stormtroopers Wedding Cake.


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