Losing those extra curves


Summer’s here and it’s time to wear those sexy skimpy numbers. Don’t have the body? Here’s something that can help you out – PumpOne’s “Pumped for Summer 2008” line of workouts. And what’s more – these workouts are tailored to different mobile devices including one for the iPhone. The workouts claim to help change your body in as less as 30 days (haven’t we heard that a million times before elsewhere?). While most of the workouts are very simple, there is no denying the benefits of using a simple program to show to exercise properly because at the end of the day, you are going to look only as good as your workout. And if you’re not working out the right way, chances of you losing those extra kilos are slim. You can now get downloadable workouts that range from strength training to Pilates to yoga to flexibility where trainers show you repetitions of each exercise. Image-only programs with start and end positions are also available (and include markers displaying the muscles you are working on). You can also avail off the text messaging option that sends short exercise trainings directly to a phone.

Finally, PumpOne offers the “You Pump Fitness Builder” option where a user can create exercise programs that fit specific needs. The company is marketing this space as a possible profit resource for professional trainers who can add their own fat reduction and fitness regimens.
Fitness comes at a cost and having said that, prices for the PumpOne programmes range from $19.00 (a few weeks) – $159.00 (the whole she-bang), depending on which program you pick.