Machines to die for: Oreo cookie separators

Cookies, don’t they sound like the happiest word in the world? Well, Cookie eaters more specifically Oreo lovers do qualify to be the happiest people in the world. Yep, its no hidden secret that when gloomy they gobble up even more of these yummy delights. To regain the state of glee these people can check out the Oreo Cookie Separator Machines that will get them their yummy snack in abundance and in separated form too. I thought we called those cookie-separating machines ‘hands’; anyhow Oreo cookie separators will enable you to drop a few Oreos into the machine, press a button and then get the yummies delivered to you in separated parts.

People with an insatiable cookie addiction would actually consider buying one of these. These Oreo cookie separators are certainly sci-fi creations worthy of any geek’s attention. All of these machines are projects funded by Oreo themselves in order to spread awareness about the deliciousness that these cookies deliver.

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