Mad Men Barbie Dolls are for the retro chic

You might be watching the last few episodes of the “Mad Men” but fret not! Here’s a “Mad Men”-inspired Barbie doll collection to keep you entertained till the next season. Two years ago, Mattel immortalized four Mad Men characters in Barbie and Ken form as part of their fashion-model collection.

A New York photographer Michael Williams of the blog has modified a collection of Barbie dolls to represent characters from the current season of the hit AMC series with arguably the best toys and accessories. It’s implausible the way this artist has given each character a cheeky accessory to complete their look.
The eight characters include ‘Fat’ Betty Francis with a can of ‘inhalable whipped cream’, and Megan Draper in her Zou Bisou Bisou dress. Sally Draper’s look is completed with a phone (for calls to Glen Bishop), a nightmare-inducing newspaper, and a bottle of Seconal sleeping pills. Barbie Joan Harris wears her Jaguar-tryst-acquired emerald necklace and a fur coat from Roger Sterling, while pushing a baby stroller. Barbie has also been dressed as Peggy Olson while a smaller doll, which does not appear to be a Barbie, has been used to represent Sally Draper.
Ken dolls have been used to create the series’ male characters. Roger Sterling, who is played by John Slattery on the show, smokes a cigarette and carries a baby described by Mr Williams as his ‘bastard baby son’. Pete Campbell’s miniature version includes ‘per-brothel visit lobster bib’, a set of complementary skis from a client and a driver’s education film. The artist has also included the newest character, Michael Ginsberg.
Unfortunately, the Mad Men Barbie doll collection by Michael Williams is not available for purchase. However, images of the creations have bagged humorous accessories to suit the characters aptly.

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