Make-Out Practice Pillow can be a desperate singleton’s Valentine!

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. However, if you don’t have anyone to kiss this Valentines’ Day, Emily Grace King, an artist in Florida, has helpfully provided step-by-step instructions for making a kissing pillow. While, most of us joked about making out with a pillow in high school, Emily took it to another level by sticking lips to a pillow! Well, if an iPhone can have a pair of lips, why not a pillow? Instead of using, a basic pillow that doesn’t even feel like a set of lips, this easy to make design allows people to feel as though they are rehearsing with a real person. If you like her idea, you can make one for yourself too with CPR dummy mouth, Scissors, Sewing Machine, Sewing needle, and a Sharpie.

So, whether you are a singleton, or want to brush up your kissing skills, make one for yourself with this step-by-step instruction.

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practice-pillow-1 practice-pillow-2 practice-pillow-3 practice-pillow-4

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