Make Way for Chewable Gummy Humans

Gummy bears are done to death, gummy snakes are plain disgusting, the gown made out of gummy bears was a cute second but ruling the gummy game is FabCafe’s Gummy Humans. Its an awesome technology allowing us to create a gummy replica of ourselves. Have you ever come across something that exciting? It’s an event especially for men and these gummy humans make a good present for that very special someone on White Day. For those who don’t know White Day is an Asian holiday held on March 14 (1 month after Valentine’s Day), where males are expected to reciprocate gifts given to them a month earlier.

These gummy humans are created with the help of 3D body scanners which give you a perfect gummy replica of yourself. Chew on it girls, when they mess with you, chew on them! Be a part of the event for only 6000 yen per person.

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[Via – Spoon-Tamago]

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