Make your own predictive desserts with the Fortune Cupcake Kit

How often do you order Chinese takeout for dinner, even when you actually feel like Thai, just so that you can have those wonderful fortune cookies? Next time, you won’t have to bother with ordering those unoriginal and unimaginative cookies just to read the little scraps inside; you can just make your own! The Fortune Cupcake Kit is a set of 75 cupcake liners, with 30 printed “fortune” wrappers. They let you make your very own “fortune cupcakes” at home! Imagine how pleasantly surprised your dinner party guests will be when they finish their cupcakes and realize there is a little treat for them at the end! The fortunes are all those old favorites we associate with the cookies, including the classics like ‘stay strong in the face of challenges’, ‘seize the day, every day’ and ‘tantalizing times are ahead’. Besides, the makers have also included a recipe book inside which will help you create some tantalizing desserts to go with the liners. The book includes 4 cupcake recipes, 4 frosting recipes, and Zodiac-themed decorating ideas.

The makers of the Fortune Cupcake Kit are quick to warn that it “Should not be relied upon for life planning.” Sadly, you will have to look elsewhere for divine intervention. Irrespective of that, these cupcake liners will be a guaranteed talking point of any party you throw. It is available at Firebox for a reasonable price of $18, and $15 at ARTworks.

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[Available at: Firebox and Available at: Shopatartworks]

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