Make Kota the Dinosaur your pet

Who would’ve thought that there would come a time when you could have Jurassic Park in your own house? Of course, it’ll only have a fake metre tall dinosaur, but hey it’s a start. As a kid, I would’ve gone crazy daffy duck style over Kota the dinosaur and as an adult, I’d still show the same reaction. This gigantic toy has eleven sensors that react to children’s movements when sat on his back. These reactions of the robot are sure to create an uproar in your household. Kota will make the most adorable electronic pet with his interactive horns and head and munching sounds when fed and petted. However, the best bit is that he plays adventure themed music. So bring out your camcorders and make some wacky home videos.

I wish there were Kota the dinosaurs during my time, the little ponies I own don’t seem to hold a candle to this. It’s not too late to buy one though, and it’s not overly expensive at $300.