Man shaves Hello Kitty onto his head as a gift to dad

There is no doubt about the kind of following Hello Kitty enjoys all over the world. But it seems that fans of this frisky feline are looking for new and innovative ways to show their love. A 50 year old Taiwanese businessman has found the answer. He recently shaved his head into a pattern featuring the fictional character Hello Kitty. Hu Han-yan is president of a Taiwanese Engineering company in Hsinchu. He claims that his 80 year old father had been feeling down lately, and he wanted to cheer him up. He had an epiphany when he noticed a newly opened hair salon as he was passing through Taoyuan City. He promptly entered and asked the hairstylists to shave his hair into a Hello Kitty pattern. The haircut took almost 2 hours to complete. You would think that a chairman of a big company would have some reservations before taking such a step. But he says that the amusement of his employees is worth it when he sees the glee on his father’s face. In fact, his father has lauded his “courageous” act, and says that he feels rejuvenated and happy now. So I guess it worked!

Hu Han-yan’s novel hairstyle has made him somewhat of a celebrity among Hello Kitty fans, and a hero in the community for his “selfless” act. He has already started shortlisting designs his next haircut – Doraemon, or Spongebob, or maybe some other cartoon character.

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