MIT’s Green Building becomes a live Tetris playground for all to see

The guys at MIT sure know how to use technology to entertain themselves and their neighbors too. The MIT team has recently turned the Green Building into a giant game of Tetris, using the building’s 153 windows. The windows represent the drop zone and the Tetris blocks, fitted with lights all capable of glowing a variety of colors. It’s genius work really, with the window lights working together to produce the seamless falling, rotation and landing of each block.

They’ve managed a little twist here- As each level gets progressively harder, the colors become more pale as you advance through the levels, making it difficult to figure out where to place your blocks. The game can be played from a controller outside the building and wireless LED lights were placed, by the team that would respond to the controller. I’d simply love to play Tetris on a building, especially when everyone’s watching!

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