Monster Laptop Sleeve

For all the geeks of feminine gender involved in the decision to buy a laptop sleeve are concerns regarding security, individuality (prime concern), and protection. Laptop sleeves are generally thought of as a thin layer of protection to prevent small scratches and bumps that a laptop might experience when being carried within a larger non-custom bag such as a backpack. Even as customary laptop cases are prepossessing and shield your computer, they are too damn common. If you want to be striking amongst the crowd, then this exceptional Monster Laptop Sleeve is just what you might need for your laptop. These fuzzy, made-to-order laptop sleeves that look like monster-muppets have a red, fanged mouth that yawns open when the sleeve is lifted.

Handmade and available in four colors (blue, red, green, and purple) this laptop sleeve is also remarkably lightweight, so you can carry your laptop anywhere without being weighed down. Go ahead and order this unique, adorable ogre sleeve for $65 and make people wonder about its contents!

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