Most authentic Stormtrooper replica on display at Comic Con 2013

Ever since the first movie in the Star Wars series released in the 70s, fans everywhere had tried their hardest to recreate those iconic costumes from the movie. While Comic Con every year hosts hundreds of homemade and semi-professional versions of the legendary Stormtrooper uniform, none can really claim to have gotten it right. Until now that is! This year, Star Wars fans attending Comic Con 2013 are in for a very special treat. eFX, a company that specializes in replicas of movie costumes and props, is displaying a prototype of their new Stormtrooper costume. This isn’t just any other costume; it is apparently the world’s most authentic Stormtrooper replica ever created. It has been molded from a screen-used costume in the first “Star Wars” movie. From helmet to boots, it is as complete as possible. They have even included the actual body suit contained underneath the armor. In fact, they are keeping it so authentic, that they aren’t planning to make any sizes. It will be available for sale in only one size – the original. Time to get started on those diets!

The incredibly accurate Stormtrooper costume designed by Bryan Ono of eFX Inc. will be available for pre-order in the fall. Only the prototype will be on display at Comic Con, as it is still a few steps away from completion. However, you best begin saving up as this baby will cost you about $2000 to own.

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