Napwell Let’s You Sleep Well till it Wakes you Up

It’s so important to nap and rest and feel like this is the life to live! While you may sleep as much as you’d like, it is definitely more important to wake up and helping you wake up is the awesome napwell sleep mask. It’s a unique sleep mask that put you to sleep and also coaxes you to wake up. That’s just what you need when you’re living alone and no one is around to prepare you to face the world. This Boston based company has created a napping mask that allows you to grab some shut-eye and wake up gently as lights inside the mask slowly rouse you from your slumber. Basically you set a nap duration and like an alarm, the mask slowly lights up with a diffuse, calming light that simulates sunrise.

Napwell starts at $50 for a production unit and will ship in September. They’re aiming for $30,000 in funding. Contribute well to napwell.

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