The Nescafé Alarm Cap: Wakes you up to the enticing aroma of coffee beans

I know I always say that I am not awake until I have had my first cup of coffee in the morning, but I never thought I would see the day that my coffee would actually wake me up, literally! The Nescafé Alarm Cap is their latest offering, promising a “soft and natural awakening” followed by “open the cap to enjoy the delicious aroma of NESCAFÉ”. The Alarm Cap is basically a 3D-printed combination container lid and alarm clock, assembled in California and run on a custom Arduino-based platform. When it is attached to your Nescafé bottle, it will gently coax you awake in the morning with up to seven different sounds, each one scientifically proved to stimulate the mind, and synchronized to a pulse of light. To turn it off, you need to unscrew the lid off the container, and voila, coffee! The Cap is made up of two 3D-printed parts – a SLS Nylon exterior by Shapeways and an ABS and PLA inner piece in-house made by NOTlabs. Waking up to the intense coffee vapors wafting into your nose even before your eyes are open – is there anything better?

Unfortunately, the Nescafé Alarm Caps are very limited in number currently; they have made only 200 press kits. However, we are hoping these make their way to stores sometime soon. There is no word on pricing and availability as yet.

nescafe-alarm-cap-2 nescafe-alarm-cap-3 nescafe-alarm-cap-4 nescafe-alarm-cap-5 nescafe-alarm-cap-6

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