Outright Outlandish: Japanese Schoolgirl Pee Bottle


Till now I have only associated Japanese Schoolgirls with pink phones, weird Hello Kitty collections and things of similar ilk. Now the Japanese School girl is graduating to some absurd, almost outlandish choice of things like this bottle of liquid. Now you might think you are so silly to think it looks like a bottle of pee, but hold that thought cause you are so right. It is a liquid that not just looks but also smells like a Japanese Schoolgirls Urine ( does that smell different from an American, Asian or African?). If the question in brackets has given rise to curiousity then order Japanese Schoolgirl Pee Smell Bottle and check it out.

The only sense some people are making of this is for adding to clothes, dolls, onaholes and more, this is erotic fetish at its most convenient, if it does exist. For $27 I’d rather buy a perfume. Thanks but no thanks.

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[Available at Kanojotoys] Via – Weirdasianews

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