PepsiCo out with new Interactive Vending Machine

We all love Pepsi, well most of us with great taste, not very good health and bones we don’t care about do. I love Pepsi and definitely love It even more after a dekko at their latest interactive vending machines. The machines equipped with full touch-screen technology not only allow you do have a refreshing drink but also gift one to a friend by entering the recipient’s name and email along with a message. The receiver gets a code which can be entered at any Pepsi Interactive Vending machine. The good times don’t just end there, in exchange of your gifting gesture you get a chance to play a game to win a free 20 ounce bottle.

Its interactions are extended to providing people with nutritional information for all the beverages and TV commercials and other video promotions. The interactive vending machines are located at five General Growth Properties’ malls: Columbiana Centre (Columbia, S.C.), Clackamas Town Center (Happy Valley, Ore.), Oglethorpe Mall (Savannah, Ga.), Oakwood Mall (Eau Claire, Wis.) and Park City Center (Lancaster, Pa.).

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