Live like Barbie at the Pink Eaton House

If you ever dreamt of living in a Barbie house, with your Ken, The Eaton House in England should be your next destination. A guest house dedicated to art, fashion, music and everything magical, this house holds 13 beautifully created rooms. Located in Tiptree, in the Essex countryside, the mansion, which is fondly known as the Barbie House is painted pink and gold, with fairy lights in every window. And, unlike the pop up life-size Barbie House, you can live in this one. Made with love by an artist and a photographer, this house holds all things girly. From the unicorn perched on a bed of bright roses in a magical garden to the heart-shaped pillows, every part of this mansion spells personality.

Perched on the pink theme, the rooms are adorned with fairy lights, trinkets, floral curtains, a dressing table and a wall covered in 15 gilt mirrors. With heart shaped beds and furry accessories, this place is an ideal spot for a girly bachelorette party. The mansion has themed rooms like the Mansfield Suite (named after actor Jayne Mansfield), Quintessential Cowboy, with horns over the bed, and the Riding Room.
While at your stay at the Eaton House you can relax at the Green Parlour designed in a modern heritage style with fluffy rugs, Louis XIII furnishings, modern photography and an antique mirror decorated with stuffed birds. Or, like a real man you can be at the Universe Lounge, which has a pool table, Agent Provocateur framed images and a hallway with Hawaiian-themed and gold glitter wallpaper.
The Pink Eaton House is meant to embody femininity and Hollywood glamour, but in a British way. Exclusive rental (two nights), from £2,500 (4,092 approx.) for up to 12 guests, including breakfast.

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