Printable paper dolls of “Downton Abbey” characters to help with show withdrawal

How will we live without our weekly Edwardian kick? I can’t believe the second season of Downton Abbey is already done. How will we fill all those months until they come back for a spectacular 3rd season? New York Magazine’s Vulture blog has come up with a novel way to fill the gap. They have posted a set of printable paper dolls based on the show by the illustrator Kyle Hilton. The paper dolls feature all our favorite characters from the show. Dowager Violet Crawley is dressed in all her Edwardian regalia, and comes with an assortment of at least 6 different expressions, like judgmental, skeptical, etc. On the other hand, Sybil gets a contemporary makeover, and is wearing a Now t-shirt and shorts. Matthew is in his uniform with an array of guns; Mary even gets a wardrobe change! The evil Thomas and O’Brien gets wicked beard and evil hockey mask accessories. Cool!

The Downton Abbey printable paper dolls may not be the same as action figures, but just imagine how much fun you will have put them all together. Download the high-res printable paper-doll sets at the Vulture blog, and make up your own story lines about the great show.

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[Download here via Youbentmywookie]

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