Proverbial wallets are every woman’s nightmare

Here is a wallet that is every woman’s nightmare! It actually alerts you about your spending habits. Everyone who loves shopping is going to be mortified by it. A few MIT students tinkered with three wallets by attaching electronic parts to it to send you alerts if you are spending too much. The Proverbial Wallets are made to stop people from spending money they don’t have. The three types of wallets are: 1) The Bumblebee — vibrates every time you swipe your credit card to keep you in check 2) The Mother Bear — a wallet that doesn’t open if you’ve hit your monthly budget and 3) The Peacock — grows or shrinks based on how much money you have in your account. You really must make sure your husbands or boyfriends don’t come across these wallets as they will certainly restrict your shopping then! Ban these wallets!

Proverbial Wallets from John Kestner on Vimeo.