Rainshader Umbrella breaks Tradition goes Helmet-Shaped


Getting wet in the rain may seem like the quintessential romantic setting but reality is far from that. What we experience instead is strong winds blowing on our face, numbing our cheeks and ruining our outfits ultimately wetting us from head to toe. Changing our fate in torrential rains is the new and sturdy Rainshader umbrella. Nothing like you traditional umbrella, the Rainshader with its unique shape could revolutionise your walk in the rain. It is a helmet-shaped umbrella that allows you a good view, doesn’t poke anyone in the eye and capable of withstanding 40 miles per hour winds.

Rainshader is made of the same material as regular traditional ones and features a 10 spoke fibreglass rib system that collapses down compactly. Out goes your romantic idea of getting drenched in the rain under an umbrella with the one you love. Too bad you can’t steal a kiss or two under the Rainshader that comes in six different colours for only $42.

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[Available at Amazon Via Ecouterre]

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