Raúl and Blanca’s adorable Super Mario Engagement Shoot


I thoroughly enjoy cute pre-wedding photo shoots. They are awe-inspiring, but are getting somewhat monotonous. Well, an adorable couple Raúl and Blanca wants to cut the tedium and give their favorite childhood game some importance in their wedding. Just like the Zombie Engagement Shoot, and Archie Engagement Shoot, this young couple wanted to add some creativity to their pre-wedding shoot. They leveled up their engagement excitement with a Super Mario Bros Engagement theme.

With the help of the amazing photography team at Fandi.es, of Valencia, Spain they created an unforgettable engagement shoot with cool Mario Props and a karting experience.

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They carted along together, jumped some mushrooms and even went through one of these green tunnels. Well, I wont be surprised if the bride wore the cool Mario heels to her wedding.

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