Remembering Elizabeth Taylor with New Elizabeth Taylor Barbie.

The first time I saw Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie I thought that was the best Barbie could look. Exactly 15 days later I have to change that statement and start believing that Mattel’s new Elizabeth Taylor Barbie is by far the prettiest Barbie ever and almost everyone will nod their heads in agreement. Both the Violet Eyes Barbie Doll and the White Diamonds Barbie Doll have faces whose sketches were approved by the legendary actress before her death. Marking similarity is how both 11.5″ dolls bear little red ribbons on their shoulders to signify Elizabeth’s dedication to fighting HIV and AIDS. While one doll looks resplendent in a satin dress with matching opera gloves and pumps, rhinestone brooch, bracelet and earrings the other Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Barbie Doll sports her classic Hollywood age avatar in the form of a lovely white dress, an exquisite jewelry suite, starlet accoutrements, and a mini perfume bottle.

If you are a fan of the legendary actress, her drop-dead-gorgeous looks and her body of work these lovely Elizabeth Taylor Barbie Dolls are a great way of remembering her. Due on September 15th.

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