Researchers develop frying pan which can tell you when your food is perfectly cooked

Cooking that perfect steak is a skill that takes years for experienced chefs to develop. Cooking a piece of meat at home by an amateur chef requires patience, and a few prayers to the lord above. What if there was something that told you when your food was done to perfection! A research group at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has developed something interesting called a “cooking simulator”. It is basically a force feedback fry pan and spatula which calculates the heat transfer from the pan to the meat or vegetables that are being cooked. As it displays the visible changes as the ingredients are being cooked, you know exactly what is happening inside the meat or veggies, enabling you to take them off the heat when they are absolutely perfect. This system is capable of calculating how moisture evaporates or flows as the temperature rises, or how protein changes color from red to brown. What’s more, along with moving the fry pan to expedite the cooking process, the simulator can feed back the weight of ingredients and also the tactile feeling of the ingredients cooking.

The “Cooking Stimulator” is still in its infancy. The researchers are now trying to figure out how this technology can be applied to everyday cooking. How much would you love a frying pan that told you your food was ready!

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