Researchers in Japan to develop a robot capable of passing the super-difficult Todai entrance test

Do we not have enough competition from super genius human beings that scientists have to create nerdy robots! In response to the challenge “Can a Robot Pass the Todai Entrance Exam”?, researchers from Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., in collaboration with Japan’s National Institute of Informatics, are hard at work to develop a robot capable of getting through the test. Todai is the moniker given to the University of Tokyo, considered to be among the most prestigious in Japan, and also one of the hardest to gain admission to. Todai requires students to pass both the general university entrance exam administered by the National Center for University Entrance Examinations, as well as the notoriously difficult to crack Todai entrance test. The scientists seem confident that they will be able to create an AI that can do well on Japan’s nationwide university entrance exams by 2016, and then on the Todai test by 2021.

While it may seem like all fun and games, the truth is that the Todai Robot isn’t being made simply to ace the test. Instead, it will “enable anyone to easily use sophisticated mathematical analysis tools, which will lead to solutions for a wide range of real-world problems,” said Fujitsu in a statement.

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