Robots that can love are on their way!

A robot that can love? Are we so love-deprived to make robots give us the love we need? Anyhow technology has felt the need and a project at the National University of Singapore is on trying to create the means for human-robot love by giving robots all the emotional and biological tools that human have. Perhaps it can be useful for people who are deprived of a family, or are alone, old, suffering from sickness etc. but the human-robot love is purely based on interactions. The robot can also get bored, jealous, angry, affectionate, or flat-out happy. It all depends on how to interact…what you see is what you get.

I wonder how this robot will ever make people like it. It doesn’t look cute, nor cuddly. But you give it love and it will love you back. Not a bad idea after all.

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