The e-bra monitors cardiac signs and indicate Smartphones

Cardiac problems are such that the earlier they are detected, the better chance one has of survival. What if you got the chance to wear your cardiac monitor at all times? Engineers from the University of Arkansas have developed a wireless health-monitoring system includes a series of nanostructured, textile sensors which can gather critical patient information easily. The best part, they have integrated this system into an everyday sports bra for women and a vest for men. So basically, it is a bra that can literally save your life! Therefore, keeping a tab on your heart health can be as easy as slipping on a sports bra. The system is capable of monitoring blood pressure, body temperature, respiratory rate, oxygen consumption, some neural activity, and all the readings provided by a conventional electrocardiograph (ECG). Most importantly, they can display inverted T waves, which indicate the onset of cardiac arrest. The various sensors for cardiac-health monitoring are integrated into the fabric, and are relayed over a wireless network in real time with your Smartphone software.

The e-bra or vest is also capable of zeroing in on exactly where you are, as it is equipped with GPS, and sending an emergency voice or text message when it detects abnormalities. Right now, the system includes a tiny ring-box sized module, but is expected to get even smaller with battery and Bluetooth enhancements.

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