Singapore goes gaga over McDonalds first Kitty Toy

A recent event has combined my love for burgers with my aversion for Hello Kitty; the event in question is McDonalds giving out special edition Hello Kitty plushies through its delivery service. What have you is Hello Kitty looking adorable dressed as the Lion from The Wizard Of Oz. As expected this created quite a stir with orders getting delayed, the McDonald’s hotline being engaged, and even caused the delivery website to go down several times late last week. While some were on the moon over getting this cute plush some openly expressed grievance like Teacher Lyn Tan, 33, who was unsuccessful in placing an order on the McDelivery site and hotline last Saturday afternoon – said McDonald’s “should have been better prepared”.

While this is the first for a McDonald’s Kitty toy series there are as many as four more designs coming our way and were released last week. Costumers can find outlets with available plushie stocks on its website.

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[Via – Asiaone]

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