Skritch, the scratching post for cats

“Form follows function” sets right for this latest piece of décor cum utility for pets. WowBow’s creed is that “design should not be ignored when providing lifestyle solutions for your four-legged family member,” and they stuck to it with this elegantly modern cat scratcher. Kim Bull, designer and founder of WOWBOW pet furniture, introduces a unique scratching post for the modern indoor cat. Skritch provides your cat with the ultimate alternative for keeping their claws in perfect trim and is superior tothe carpet.

Skritch uses sisal in place of cardboard. The great thing about a sisal post – just like carpet, you can reupholster it yourself when it has been scratched to death. The Skritch benefits include:
• Vertical ribbing to prevent claw snagging
• Integral fittings for vertical and horizontal wall mounting
• Removable sisal tube for quick color changes and replacement
• Sits flat on the ground for kittens and wall mounted for adults
Indulge your pet and save your furniture at the same time with the ultra-chic Skritch scratching post that stands for $228.

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