Slipper Ping-Pong set to be a world champion

Picture that you have this sudden urge to play Ping-Pong but you don’t have the legitimate rackets to play it. So what would you do? May be remove your bathroom slippers and go on to satiate your sporty urge! That’s exactly what inventors of Slipper Ping-Pong would have done I believe. What ever it is, this game was started in Kahokucho, a small city known for being the number one slipper manufacturer in the country. As a way to promote tourism and to get rid of excess slipper materials they invented this modded sport not so long ago. So get yourself a Slipper Ping-Pong set and do your best to become a champ. However if you can not master the sport with them then nobody will stop you from wearing them at home.

Today it is played at national and international level. It’s just short of entering the Olympics! So if you want to try your hand at this modified sport then you can buy your gears from here for (2086 yen) $19. You can also see the game in action here.
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